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I have a King Cobra that I have had for about 10 years. It was a daily driver until about 2 years ago when a new car payment became cheaper than maintaining it. I am making decent money know and want to fix it up and modify some things.

I would like to add rear disc brakes and install a 5.0 and a T-5.

Years ago I wanted to do the Lincoln Versaille mod but now I think it would be better to just buy a kit to mod my existing 8 inch rear end to disc brakes. I have done some research and there appear to be lots of people selling conversion kits. Could anyone recommend one, or tell me what to stay away from?

Back when I was still working on cars you could still get a SVO catalog from the Ford Dealership. And SVO had a harness with a computer that would plug directly into a 5.0 so you could put it into any car. Does anyone know if this is still available somewhere?

You used to be able to get mounts to put a 5.0 and a T-5 into a Mustang II. I don't remember if they were available from Summit or Jegs, or someone else, but I knew you could get them. Are these still available somewhere?

I would appreciate any help I can get, as I have been out the Mustang II loop for some time now.
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