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Need some help on Motor tech

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I have recently picked up a 302 long block E7TE motor. From my little research it looks like I have a 87+ truck roller motor? What I would like to do with this motor is put it into my 65 coupe, What parts do I need to make this work in my car and bolted to a c4.

What Flexplate? for a 87+ 302?
Timing cover? 65?
Water Pump? 65 or 87+?
Will the stock heads on this E7TE motor be ok? I have 68 289 heads.
Oil pump and pick up?
Oil Pan?
Motor Mounts?

anything else I am forgetting?

Any and all info would be help full....thanks
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hey hey this is interesting. i did this to my 302 74. first off you can run a 5 speed from an 80s mustang on these without having to machine an adapter plate(bw tranny). either way there is some retro fitting to be done. only difference on timing cover is no mech pump aresa(have to run electric) and water pump is of course different. one could easily switch the timing cover but it will cost you and unless going for retro there is no reason. second is the water pump inlet is on the oposite side. (can get some sort of a flex hose for this. also if yours is like my 86, the dip stick will not be on the timing cover. there will be a spot for it to be drilled on the new timing cover. (if it has to be moved from engine side as mine did because i have long tube headers) as fsar as heads you could change them to sadd power as these 80s engines suck for compression. i left mine as i got better gas milage and honestly didnt want to waste a good set of heads. any 2 or 4 barrel intake will work just fin just remember two use enough gasket sealer on the front and back parts of the manifold as it seems that it does have a slight more gap. the distributer is a simple change to electric or mechanical. ah the oil pan. mine was a double pan type deal. rip this off and run it over. fine an oldschool or high volume pan they are all pretty common. will need a new oil pump sump tube. might as well replace pump while at it. as far as the starter goes the oldschool one will work with old or new bellhousing. they should match up. (as i said u have a great 5 speed oportunity) will post vid on request of my build and explanation. i personally never had to change my motor mounts. if you want to know anything or see pictures just ask. its alot of work to convert it over surprisingly but in the end you do have a reliable roller. (exhaust note is quite pathetic with the stock cam and compression)
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o and flexplate depends which bell u use. so that would be some useful info
pics vid whatever you got would be great!!

Bell housing is from a 66 289, I am keeping it a automatic so I am bot converting it, I have a fresh rebuilt c4 that I would like to attach it to this 302.

If I can bolt a timing cover with fuel pump I will do that to keep it the "period correct look"

What about dist? I would need one from what year?
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im pretty sure timing cover bolts will line up. again i never tried to go retro so no garantees there. im pretty sure that as long as you run a period correct bell and tranny they should meet up fine with period correct flex plate. if you want the retro look on distributer anything between 65 to 68 will do. single point!!!! or you could go with an aftermarket electric. its pricy but worth the power. i beleive someone makes a kit to switch the mechanicals over not sure tho. you might need to look into that if thats your route. i will take and post vids tomorrow on it. it did make for one snappy truck. i beleive i have one vid on my youtube account thunderhead289 and possibly several on the truck on gearheadhick429(youtube accounts) will make a more detailed vid tomorrow.
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Goodafternoon If you use the 65 dist. the gear on the shaft will have to be changed , to be compatable with the roller cam.
I have a 91 mustang roller motor in my 67. I used everything from the older style 289. You will need to reuse the oil pan and pick up. I reused the 289 front cover and water pump so I could use the mechanical fuel pump and oil dip stick and pluged the place for it in the side of the block in the new motor. Also the 289 is a 28balance while the new 5.0 is a 50oz balance so you can not reuse your fly wheel and front damper. I bought a special flywheel with correct 50oz balance and would bolt to my stock c4. Also I bought the dowls to plug the egr ports in the newer heads since you wont be needing them. The only issue I still have id finding a crank pulley to run all the front accessories since the 289 has a 3 bolt balancer and the new motor has a 4 bolt. Also had to change my distributer gear for the roller cam.
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where would I get that special flexplate and balancer for this combo?

What would be the easiest way to tackle the dist? Can I buy a dist thats drop in without changing anything and if so what is it?
if you still have the gear from the old dizzy(or old dizzy in general) u can switch them over. im sure you can buy the gear as well. takes some skill though to install. jeez its been so long i forgot these other things. yes you need to plug exhaust head ports(theres little egr holes that come out the front and back.) seems like it would be much more trouble to go for full oldschool look. you do have a sticky situation with the flywheel as our fellow member noted. i would think that the dampener is heavier because the flywheel for a 5.0 is smaller. oldschool 289 is different because flywheel is bigger. (i beleive. i am all manual tranny) so hypathetically if he used an oldschool flywheel with oldschool dampener would he be just fine? i would think so but not 100 percent sure and dont like giving bad advice. to use his oldschool bell i beleive he would need larger flywheel anyway? again i do manual trannys. in a manual the flywheel is smaller on 80s than on 65 era. just throwing in some questions to ponder so we can find a cost effective way to do this(converted my free engine for under 100)
il post a video as well of the front to show crank pully and timing cover changes to keep it 80's and whatnot.
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you can use 60s era pan with same era pickup. i did it just fine.
this is a link to a quick overview video that i made this morning. i am somewhat wrong about the pan. i remember there being a slight gap somewhere that i filled with sealer. bealeive that was a timing cover issue.
302 efi to carb swap. retro-fit to 74 - YouTube
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