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Need some helpful advice with the mods of mustang gt

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OK This is What I have come down to figuring out on what I am buying.

2. Kooks Complete Exhaust System
3. FRPP 4:10 gears
4. Under drive pulley
5.Royal Purple Transmisson fluid
6. TCI transmisison upgrade torque converter stall (tci 3k stall)
7. Roush Body Kit
8. Mickey Thompson Street tires
9. Upgraded Coil packs Loading...
10. Steeda Elimintator Plates Steeda Economy Charge Motion Plates - '05-'08 Ford Mustang
11. Steed Throttle body Upgrade
12. NGK Spark plugs
13. transmission cooler.

I am not so sure what I actually need for a tranny upgrade maybe someone could help me out here. Am I just needing a Upgraded torque converter with what rpm range stall? I was taking 3k from a youtube video I saw. I could use some helpful advice on what kind of tranny performance names brands I can look into besides TCI

Now I am needing to know is there anything else I am needing to beef up so I will not have any future problems with anything breaking. This is going to be a daily driver.

I was looking into something I read on the 99-04 stangs

Rear Differential Upgrade - Project Silver Stealth Stang - Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords

Needing Trak-Lok, installation kit, bearings, and axle seals. Are these necessary? Should I upgrade these to be on the safe side or will I be ok with out them? I plan on buying a used mustang gt maybe a 05-07.

Is there anything else I should look into upgrading?

What kind of Hp ratings am I looking at here with these mods on & what kind of track 1/8 & 1/4 times am I looking at?
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A good list minus the coils and the throttle body. You don't need either of those. You also cannot run NGK plugs on a 2005+ GT. You do need to mess with the differential carrier either.

Why Would the coils not need to be added? Would they not help out at all? It just seems that I read that they help out.

Any reason not to get the throttle body?

I am also not understanding why the ngk plugs would not work also? What plugs would you recommend to me for better performance.

And with not needing to work on the differential at all will save me some money thats good news. I am guessing in the 05+ mustangs that they are stronger then the 99-04.
Coils are generally more trouble than they're worth. Aftermarket coils are notorious for failure and provide little advantage over the OEM coils. Many guys making 700+ HP are still running the OEM coils. The throttle body is unnecessary unless you are equipped to use the extra air (heads, cams, forced induction). Many have had tuning nightmares and problems with failsafe mode with aftermarket throttle bodies. The S197 Mustang GT uses an HT (high thread) plug design. The only plugs that will work are Motorcraft, Autolite HT, Champion, or Brisk Racing. Not sure why NGK hasn't come out with an HT plug. Hope this helps.
You have been a big help thx for the info I will do some further research on which plugs to buy then.
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