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need to change fuel filter

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where is my fuel filter located at and wats the easiest way to replace it?
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where is my fuel filter located at and wats the easiest way to replace it?
I don't know if it's different for years. But mines underneath the drivers side, under a cover of some sort. Easier way to replace is take it to someone:nogrinner . They have fuel filters at AutoZone for like $16. Search through these threads I'm sure someone's posted about how to do it yourself.
yeah i think my located in the middle idk im take it to the mechanic i want my mustang runnin like a champ!:bigthumbsup
Yeah make sure they know how to do it though. :bigthumbsup
Google your question plus the make, modle and year of your car. Chances are it'll put you on a thread on this site for your answer.
jack up the rear of the car put your jack stands under the rear axle look straight up from the axle there's the filter on the body of the car start the car pull the plug on the inertia switch in the trunk wait for the car to die.. then have at it... american muscle has a video on their site on how to change the fuel filter look at it for guidance.. you need a fuel line disconnect tool thats the only specialty tool youll need.. that and a screwdriver...
thanks im change it tomorrow mornin
You only need the special tools for the engine fuel rail. The filter just uses the cheesy plastic clips. Easy job.
? i needed the fuel line tool to separate it after taking the plastic clips off..
It's an easy job on an 03. I also needed the tool after taking off the cheesy plastic clips. I didn't start the car however and took a benzene shower when I pulled the hose off the filter. NICE!!!
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