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need wiring diagrams

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i have a 5.0 out of a 88 cougar. i have a 93 lx mustang and it is a 2.3 i want to put this motor in it but i dont see how the harness is the same. so i need the the diagram for the dash connectors from the 93 and the connectors that it is supposed to plug into. just telling me what they are so i can cut and match them thanks :wavey
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I'm no guru, but since noone else's chimed in.
First off, a couple of questions.
Did you just get the motor? Or the Motor and trans?
What tranny's the 4cyl got in it right now?
Are you looking to go EFI or carbed?

Some basic stuff you need to know: (I'm sure some of the more knowlegable folks can fill in anything I miss.)
Swapping a 5.0 for a 4 cyl is completly do-able, but its not just the engine you've got to plan for.
Trans: If you've got the 4cyl t-5 in the car, its not as strong, and IIRC has a different input shaft depth (?). AOD/e, I dont know if its the same tranny or not.
Brain: If you're going efi, you'll need the computer and harness from the donor car, and make sure its for the same tranny type, i.e.manual comp for a manual tranny.

Thats just a start, but if you search the site for 4 cyl conversion, you'll find pleanty more.
Hope it helps,
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