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need your opinion...will I stand a chance??

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Theres a guy around here that drives around all the time in a blue impreza STI I believe. Its supposed to be pretty fast. As far as I know its stock. but I think stock is putting out numbers like the GT. Do you think I'll get smoked?? If I spin at all I know he'll work me...all wheel drive. Whats your thoughts???

Heres what I'm runnin--------

Tillman 91 octane tune, upr offraod X, roush UDP, JLT CAI, FRPP 3.73's, Dynotech aluminum DS, CHE LCA's, Steeda Adj UCA, Stock rubber BFG traction TA KDWS, pro 5.0 shifter
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you should get him if he is stock
not sure. if tis a turbo be weary. i dunno much about those cars... coax him to a test and tune night
what year is his car? your gears should help you the most off the line, carful you dont want to spin them too much or even at all. ive got a friend who is reluctant to race me. he owns an 06 wrx
ya its a turbo. I don't know much about these cars either but I know he won't be losing traction in a race. I'm pretty sure its a 6 speed also. And its gotta be lighter than our cars(I think I read 2800 lbs). It'll be a tight one. But I'd really like to give you guys a kill story.
Ok ironmike heres what i think about this.
And this is coming from a former car salesman new and pre-owned cars as well as former salerep for saleen, shelby, roush, foose ( yup we had them ).

Anyway i have an STI on a trade in once and had few chances of personally expreciencing what that car is off the line.
I had an 2004 year model, and not to make a drama about this but if he knows how to drive that car he will embarass you off the line , UNLESS you are running slicks or DR's then it would be fair. Them STI's not only built for off the line speed, but also have power distrubution adjuster meaning he can direct %-age of power to the back and/or rear wheels.

I would run him from the dead stop BUT make sure to take off clean and practice before you race him also since you are racing in an enviroment that benefits him the most pull him into a round 2 roll race.
STI's and for that matter EVO's are not fast when they are rolling say 40-50mph IF they are stock. stock that car is about 240 AWD WHP.
to conclude.
round 1- race from a dig.
round 2- roll race.

at least one of these races you will take and most likely round 2 will be your payback.
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exactly what rus wolf said...dang man took the word out of my mouth except for the salesman
ya I hear ya. sucks racing them AWD. I'll need to invest in tires first. Thanks!!
If the guys owns an STi and likes to race, I seriously doubt he's stock. STis can put 300 AWHP to the ground pretty easily with minor mods. The only noticable mod would be an exhaust. If he's got that, he's probably at least at Stage 2 which will net close to the above mentioned number.

They are a little lighter than an S197, but nowhere near 2800 pounds. More lik 3150 or 3200 (pre '08s) pounds. Traction off the line is where he will kill you if modified. If not modified I like your chances if you can drive.
He's just a punk from around town. I highly doubt he has ever had it on any kind of track ever. And i don't think it modded at all. I like your attitude Rob.:bigthumbsup
Yes they are aggressive off the line with awd, and with boost especially since these guys can disconnect waist gates and turn up boost to 18 and 21 lbs with a knob, but dont fear, youve got a GT. Drive it like you stole it and see where you stand, bolt on or spray if needed, to even it out a bit you know.

My cousin has one of those turbo front mounted intercooler bug eyed WRX things and that Subaru still sees stars from the last ass whoopin.

Here Hemi Hemi Hemi
stock impreza STI I 1/4 m1/4 Mile ET:13.3661/4 Mile MPH:102.3081/8 Mile ET:8.4621/8 Mile MPH:81.5300-60 Foot ET:1.815Temperature F:65.0Density Altitude (DA):DA CalculatorTimeslip Scan:Car Make:SubaruCar Model:ImprezaCar Type:STiCar Year:2004

Its fast you have to hook..... its got a great 60 ft time .. I think if you get a good start and its a stock car you will take him.
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hmmmm he is going to take you off the line nomatter what you do so i would see if he would go from a 20 roll or something like that...if its from a dig you will have to play catchup
ya, I'm gonna wait for a couple more mods before I approach him. If he's got boost and AWD, I'll wait till I atleast got some PSI too.
You dont have to wait that long, just race him from a roll and you'll see that those cars are not that fast stock and when rolling.
Their is ace and main weapon is being able to fly off the line like a bat. When modded they are fast all around and good part is that it only takes about $2000 to get 400WHP in that car.
$2,000 to get them puttin 400 hp at the wheels??? must be nice! I've got over that and thats just to help put the approx 300hp I got to the ground. And I am no where near being done sinking the cash in. Don't tell my GF tho.:shigrin Haha
You should still race him....just play catchup cuz you will catch him
i gotta say i kinda like palying catch up, though most of the time i dont get the chance too..i had a 350z i was chasing down last year, now that was fun! it was about 2 in the morning and nothing in front of me except that damn z and wide open strech of hwy. he got the jump on me and got out by about 2 lengths but i got him!
I dunno man. . . that could be a tough one
You'll get him. You have quite a nice little list of mods there, and I'd say if you run a RACE tune you'll get him from a dig & from a roll, so long as he's mostly stock.

Don't even think about taking him in a road coarse though. :hihi:
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