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Needing help big time on a transmission issue

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This is not about a mustang. it is about my little brothers 95 thunderbird V8. it shifts into reverse like its brand new but wont go into first very well and when it does the rpm's kick it hard and spin the tires. same problem when he slows down. the transmission kicks out of gear and creating the problem again. what could the problem be? and what all transmissions could i easily put into his car? just in case it is easier just to replace it. i have looked online and can find nothing so im coming to you guys for help
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thanks for the info. i called a couple salvage yards this morning and they are telling me a 94-95 thunderbird and cougar only are a direct fit. the differences are as simple as a 3 bolt starter instead of a 2 bolt or even the computer chip in the tranny. just dumb odds and ends that they should have never made as many different parts as they did
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