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Needing help with my a4ld transmission

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Hey, I was just recently given a 1988 2.3l LX convertable. The tranny is giving me a lot of trouble. For one, I'm aware the a4ld transmission is known for having a bad 2-3 gear shift problem. I have to rev the ram's to about 4k then let it drop to 3k then slowly press the gas and then it will shift. I just need to know how to fix this.

My major problem is once I start the car I can drive fine (disregarding the shift problem) but after about 10 minutes of driving around my neighborhood, the car doesn't want to pull anymore. The only way it will move is if I push the gas and make the rpm's over 4k. And even then, it just barely pulls enough to keep up with a snail. But, after about a minute of two of that happening, it catches and I'm good. I usually just take it home and turn it off for fear of causing more damage.

I don't want to put the $500 into switching to a 5 spd. I'm only 19 and cash is very limited. So I'm wondering if there's an alternative to fixing this, besides getting a new transmission. But if it comes to it, I can get a transmission for around $100 at a junkyard but I want to know if anyone else knows what other a4ld transmission's will work. I heard the 4.0 model is stronger but what will I need to do to convert it so it will be compatible with my mustang?

Any help is appreciated!
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Hi and welcome :) How much is a rebuild on your tranny? You can find out how muchitwoukd cost using the internals of a stronger a4ld such as the one for the 4.0
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