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Neoprene Seat Covers - not having much luck

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I bought some Coverking Neoprene seat covers for my 05 Vert GT in summer of 2008. The color is flaking/peeling off the surface of the covers, which started really bad last summer, they barely lasted 2 years, and were fairly expensive. And even tho they are still good seams, fit, etc., they look HORRIBLE now, its embarassing! And that stuff gets all over my clothes.

Before that I had Coverking NeoTex, which were not real neoprene, inexpensive, and they only lasted a year, the fabric developed runs where it stretched around the headrest bars, and the seams started coming apart. I don't think they sell that anymore.

So, now what? I noticed Coverking has something called NeoSupreme now. Does anyone with a Vert have that? How long does it last?

Also Caltrend has a NeoSupreme, same questions.

How about Wet Okole? They are designed to last 3-5 years, I could deal with that I think, for the same price as the Coverking Neoprenes.

I don't want opinions from new installs, haha, I've been blissfully happy within the first 3 months with both of the above lemons. Also need to hear from Vert owners, I believe the sun is what did in the Coverking Neoprenes.

My Stang is Screaming Yellow, so I don't want anything booooring. Things that only come in only beige, grey, bleh. And solid black is too hot, needs to be yellow/black or a nice tropical print.

I trust y'all to help me keep my hiney cool... :D
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