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NEW 2013 GT Convertible Tire size question?

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Hello Everyone!!!

I just bought myself a 2013 GT Convertible Premium...I want to go Staggered with the tires but am wondering what sizes I can fit on it without needing spacers..

Right now I have the stock 18x8in wheels with P235/50R18 tires.

I was looking into getting this setup on

(2) 19x8.5 Black AMR Wheels
(2) 19x10 Black AMR Wheels
(2) Mickey Thompson Street Comp 255/40-19
(2) Mickey Thompson Street Comp 285/35-19

I want 19" vs. the 18" I have now.

Just so everyone knows the Stock setup has all-season tires and will be my winter setup and the Staggered setup will only be for the summer.

Thanks for any and every advice and/or opinion you guys give :):):)
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Are you going mainly for looks, or do you think you might want to take the car on a road course?

For a track with corners, you want wider wheels and tires in the front as well as the back; and 18" wheels are generally the best choice due to weight and tire price and availability. 18x10 wheels should clear on the front as long as the offset is right.

If you just want the look and/or will go to drag strip only then staggered is good.
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