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new 2015 mustang

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Hello everyone,

New to the mustang world. I just traded my 2012 hyundai genesis coupe 2.0T for a 2015 mustang GT premium in ruby red color.

really happy so far. Now I need to start reading about what the platform has to offer. intake, tune and exhaust are already on my list of things to buy. possibly suspension and wheels too :)

the genesis when it was fully modded:

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Your 15 , almost is making me go get one..yours is nice! What wheels are those? Stock? I haven't seen black wheels around my parts..congrats!
Those are the wheels that comes with the performance package ;)
Welcome to AFM. We just opened the 2015 Forums so, you will be one of the pioneers to post there. Congratulations on your purchase.
Thanks for the welcome. already looking for those bama tunes lol. But so far I'm actually really happy with the car the way it is.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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