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New 306. AFR 165s or 185s? Need Advice!

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I have a 91 5.0, 5- speed coupe. 3.55s, = lenth headers, off road h-pipe, flowmaster cat backs.
The engine is being built. It is a 10.4-1 306. It has the .499-.510 trick flow cam, trick flow street intake. 70mm throttle body, c&l 76 mm mass air tube w/ 24lb metering , 24lb injectors, adj. fuel pressure reg, windage tray, 1.6 roller rockers, underdrives.
I drive this car on weekends and it will be about 70% street 30% 1/8 mile track. I want to put the best head on the car. I dont want it to be a total pig on the bottom. I don't mind trading a little bottom end for a huge gain in the middle to top though. I don't plan to ever twist it past 6000 rpms. It will have forged pistons, stock rods and crank w/ arp fasteners used through out.
I only want to buy heads once. I do use nitrous (NOS stage 1 & 2 dry, 75-150 hp).
I have run 8.47 (1/8 mile) on the motor w/ the stock long block. I'm looking for 8 flat on the motor.
Thanks for the help................
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With a 306 and keeping it 70% streetable I say the AFR165's are the way to go. The AFR185's are more suitable for the likes of 351's or a 347 stroker.

You should call AFR. Tell them your modifications and what you want to do with the engine. They are really good to talk too and will give you the best advice! :yup:
Thanks for the advice. I'll try to call AFR today. My friend has a 9.7-1 306 w/ the holley systemax package on it. He has a car set up a lot like mine, I wondered if the AFR 165s would be eaqual to the holley heads. I have also considered the trick flow twisted wedge............
my friend has the holley package one his 306 and i just installed afrs on my car any the afr head number i think are just a much better product but u pay for it and the afrs will give u more performace if u have the rie setup with them
i have a 306 and i am saving $ to get the 185's but i race 1/4 i think TW's are better than 165's correct me i im' wrong!
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