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We recently bought a 68 Coupe w/ 289 AT, drum brakes, PS, A/C (not working) that had been sitting for a good while. Carpet needs to be replaced but how do I determine what color, and cut? Car is gold with gold interior. Currently carpet looks like it was black.
Thanks for your help,
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Usually the dash, arm rests, and carpet are the same color for nugget gold interior cars. the trim code is (2Y) for nugget gold interior. The carpet is all ready cut to your specifications when you order through a mustang parts vendor.
Where can I source seat rails? I have the original seats but missing the rails that mount to the floor of the car and to the seats.
Mustangs unlimited, National parts depot, California mustang, Sacramento mustang.
Thanks I will check into it.
CJ pony parts has sales going about every weekend and is the only mustang supplier with free ground shipping on everything except freight items. They're definitely worth checking out. NPD is good as well, but you have to pay for shipping.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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