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New back tires...

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Ok... I dumped the BFGs (265/60/16, 28 inch OD) and went with Nitto 450s in the back (275/50/17, 27.8 OD) I've pretty much blown my budget so I had to do this on the absolute CHEAP!!!! Sooo... I got some new 17 wheels for the back... and since I had a lot of tread still on the front tires, with and extra set of them in the shed (from the back) I decided to just get a matching 16 inch wheel for the front... Doesn't look too goofy... LOL!

I didn't really get a chance to try the new tires out... Let's just say I'm getting my TPS replaced tomorrow.... for FREE (TSB) even though when I took the car into night the Zex was still completely hooked up, including the white wire tapped in to the TPS wire. I still had my helmet in the back seat (which the service guy DID notice) and to top it off I still had NUMBERS on my window from the track! LOL! The tech pulled the codes, they matched up with the TSB and said the part will be her tomorrow.... LOL! Do I have a cool dealership or what? LOL!

Ok... back to the tires.... These guys are WIDE! But they are a tad shorter so I got some of my gearing back, which I definitely could tell! I can't wait to try these guys out at the track... hoping to make it next Sunday...

now for some pics!

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Does anyone know if 295/45/18's will fit in the back wheel well on 18x10's without changing the speedo too much?

By the way your Nitto's look great.
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