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If you're looking at buying a Ford Mustang Boss 429, things just got a little easier. Classic Recreations will be launching their, um, recreation of the classic at this year's SEMA show.

The Boss '9 was built to help Ford run their massive 7.0L V8 in Nascar racing. They needed to sell at least 500 to customers to put it in the race car. So they modified a handful of stock Mustangs to let the great big V8 fit. They're rated at 375 hp, but it's not much of a secret that they really made more than that.

Not surprisingly, the result is a very desirable classic. And there aren't many to go around. So Classic Restorations is making some new ones. That's because they got the license from Ford to create continuation cars based on a handful of 1969-1970 Mustangs. Including the Boss 302, Boss 429, and Mach 1.

"The Boss 429 is one of the coolest and rarest Mustangs ever produced, but they have gotten so valuable that most owners won’t drive them," company owner Jason Engel said. "This offers people the chance to own an incredibly rare car that they can actually drive, and with modern chassis and engine tech these cars will actually be faster and easier to drive than the original."

The new continuation cars will be launched with an 815 hp, 514 cubic inch V8 and fuel injection. They'll be unveiled at the Centerforce Clutches booth on October 30th at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Pricing will start from $209,000.


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