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New Cams

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Hey guys whats up, i think i have thought about it and thought about it, i think i might post pone the TB/Plenum for a bit, and go with some cams if i can get the cash for cams/install, i have to see what the guy at the shop i know charges.

What do you think of these the STAGE IIs

also i wanted to know whats the limit on the bottom end rotating assembly (crank,rods, etc etc)

also i know this stageII setup says noticable idel but is it really bad because iknow the stage 3 says rough and thats probably like a dragster idel lol, but if the stage 2s just like a occasionally hop lol ? i know mine already kinda idels off cuz i have no cats on and the car sometimes you know shakes and stuff..

anyhow let me know guys
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You'd be better off w/the Comp 262's (stage 1 here) as well as adding a plenum & TB combo.
The XE270 cams will make more power than the XE262's but check piston to valve clearance before you start your motor. I tried installing the XE262 cams on my PI headed 97 GT and didn't have enough clearance to run the cams because of my flattop pistons. I have a set of XE270 cams on the shelf waiting for my new shortblock to be installed next spring. For a daily driver I would recommend the XE262 cams. They make more torque down low in the revs but are about 15hp shy of the XE270's in the upper rpms. Plus you can get away with your factory valve springs if you have a low mileage motor when you install the XE262's.
speaking of cams. i want to put new cams in my 01 gt. but i am also supercharging it in probably early spring. what cams would go best with the blower??
A word of advice and my 2 cents. Don't EVER buy anything from RPMOutlet. they ripped me off after I bought a part that was defective, shipped it back right away for a simple replacement and 2 weeks passed and nothing came back. Then 3 weeks, then 4. I called and George :sterb: (the aZZ boss man) says he never got it. I called the post office, got copies of the actual delivery receipt and proof of delivery and George still says sorry can't help ya. I was going to sure him, but called MAC the manufacturer of the product and explained to them the situation and looky looky, I got a brand new part direct from MAC. Just a couple more things, MAC says they've had nothing but problems with RPM and even the postmaster in Stafford TX says he's had problems with deliveries and the company as a whole. So find you're cams elsewhere is what I'd reccomend unless you wanna get ripped off. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,OK I'm off the soap box. lolOk back to the cam question, I've been looking to, so I'm not sure what'd be best. Mine is a supercharged GT with plenum and TB upgrade and full exhaust.
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I've heard of some people having issues with RPMoutlet, but I've purchased several things from them and never had any problems. I'm not saying anyone is wrong, but if we're going to start throwing in opinions of the supplier, I'm putting mine in too.
I have VT engines Stage II na cams. Theyre awesome. The idle sounds mean as can be and it really opens the car up past 3500. Ive got an idle clip somewhere maybe I can post it up.

Edit: I found it.
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