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new engine overheating?

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Im looking at buying a 91 notch 5.0. it has a brand new rebuilt 5.0. but when he put it in it started to overheat everywhere it went. it never did this before. what could it be? he is stumped so i can probably get it pretty cheap but i dont know how much work or money it will take to fix it so i dont know what to offer. The engine has like 20 miles on it no joke.

thanks in advance,
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Boy, does this question open up a can of worms! :) Some things it could be that I can think of.....

Timing off (too much)
Bad Thermostat or Tstat installed incorrectly.
blocked water passages in engine.
Head gasket
air in the cooling system
bad water pump or wrong pump (one for a clockwise rotation engine used)
Blocked radiator

That is all I can think of for now. Just because new parts may have been used doesn't mean that they could not be bad!
Im guessing stuck thermostat (or backwards) or timing is way too high.
thanks guys. i dont think it is the radiator becuase it is the same radiator that was in it before. it could probably be the other things you said. i hope its not a head gasket if it is forget it i'll find another car. it could be the timing because this guy seems like he wanted to squeeze every bit of power out of it he could.
it could also be head gasket, mine did the same thing to me the first time we rebuilt it, we reused the stock head bolts.....

that was a mistake....
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