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New girl from Wisconsin

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Hi there!

Just introducing myself. I am a college student and freelance photographer. I photograph many subjects but my passion lies in pets and automobiles.

I have a 2000 V6 Mustang. It's nothing short of plain... but I love it regardless. Mods? Would sequential turn signals count? haha I finally replaced the headlights recently cause they were all cloudy and nasty and it drove me nuts. If I could do anything I'd get new rims. Would make the whole car look soo much nicer.

Other then that I'm a borderline newbie at cars but I'd like to think I know more than the "average" person haha. But I want to learn a bit more as I plan to one day have a nicer mustang and I'd like to be able to do at least some if not most of my own work on it. So that's why I've joined the forum!

Hope you guys don't mind photos cause I'd be more than happy to share more! :)


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You could make some nice Mustang or muscle-car photo albums by going to car shows and getting pics. Maybe you can get something published! good luck
Thanks! Yeah I'd like to go to some car shows. Hopefully this spring/summer. First got to find some haha!

I got a small collection of photos starting and plans to try different shots like downtown, street, etc. I'd like to do more rolling and drifting shots too. Little different than the stand-still photos but just as fun!
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photographer eh?

I need some car pictures doctored up. So maybe they will look cool. And maybe u could do this ?
Welcome to the forums! :bigthumbsup
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