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New Guy From Missouri

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Hi My Name is Steve, I am new to this Forum, but not new to Mustangs. I had a 1971 Mach 1 in 1973 when I was 16 and currently own a Boss 351 and three 71 Mach 1's also have a 66 GT Convertible and a 67 "S" Code Convertible and an 07 GT 500. I have also owned some other Mustangs inbetween those mentioned. I try to stay as factory correct as possible, yes I am one of those guys! Just wanted to say hello. Steve
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Welcome to AFM! Hat's off to ya for having all those cool Stangs! Get some pics up when you get a chance. Thanks for joining and holler if you need anything. Check out our Classic sections if you haven't already.:bigthumbsup
Welcome to AFM, from one Steve to another. Sounds like an impressive collection of Mustangs you have.:bigthumbsup
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