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Hello all,
First off, I’m in the preliminary planning stages of a restoration of my ’65 Mustang that I’ve owned for the better part of 25 years. The car has spent most of its life in storage due to my military commitment that keeps me more overseas over being stationed in the US. Lol
Anyway, I’m approaching the twilight of my career and I plan on giving my ‘Horse’ the royal treatment of sorts upon my return. My plans are for a full restoration with me doing a majority of the work, short of paint. I consider myself fairly handy and I’ve tinkered with cars as a hobby for some time. My last car was a 01 Steeda Q-400 clone that cranked 440 hp to the tires complements of a Novi 2000 w/12# of sweet, intercooled boost. I built her myself and had a blast doing so.
My plan is pretty ambitious but with some tutelage from the folks of this fine community, I think I’ll pull it off. Here’s the disclaimer: Wants and needs. I want a lot for this car in terms of looks/performance but I’m willing to balance it with needs of safety and of course the pocketbook. I want a winning lottery ticket and need time…

Here are my major plans:
Tear car down to bare bones and repair any rust I find. Did I mention that I have OCD? Lol I like details so I’m sure this is where a lot of my time will be spent getting the body ‘just right’.
Rewire entire car
Install an EFI’d 347 w/single turbo (looking to push 500hp/500tq) I think that’s reasonable and still be street-able from the combo I’ve got in my head.
Shelby Drop w/stock suspension
Rear discs…already converted to Granada front binders a few years ago
Improve the rear suspension somehow…don’t know direction yet
Possibly install power steering pump to run a hydro boost brake system
Decent sound system
Roll bar

So, there’s my plan and I will document what I can as things progress to help someone else. That is once I’m reunited with my Horse.

Thanks and if you have any suggestions/tweaks for my plans, let her rip and thanks for your time! Looking forward to interacting with everyone!

Welcome to AFM! That's a great plan although if I were you, as you're wanting to push that much hp, I'd be thinking seriously about some strong suspension upgrades... no sense tearing the car apart lol. Check out our classic sections and you'll find tons of great info. Thanks for your service and holler if you need anything!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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