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new guy to the 5.0 here

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wtas up fobody guys! i am usually over at the V6 corner, but my 6 was in a wreck, so i found a 5.0 as a DD till i get my ^ fixed up.

its an 89 mustang cobra clone

i know the wheels are ugly, its right now in the shop, since i didi a lot of fixing myself, and sent it to a shop for them to fix/do anything i missed or couldnt do

but i have a question, why does the autobox feel so slow, im figuring its because the gine is out of tune, and the rest needs to get cleaned up, but has anone else here noticed the auto feels much slower over the manul?:headscratch:

i have ridin in a manul 86 fox, and it felt way better(but was in better running condtion)

but just saying hi, and letting you know theres a new fox in town:gringreen


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bad news guys

got it from the shop, found out the car was once ripped in half

needs a **** load of new stuff
heater core
the radiotr holder things is ******
racknpinon steering is leaking
and ya, it was almost ripped in half

and we cant get into contact with the old owner

i think we just got scammed

so im pissed as hell at myself, since i think its all my fault

were trying to firugre out what to do, we may sell it to a junk yard, and take the money and find something

and if we get into contact with him, his ass is going to court
thats what were doing now:bigthumbsup
you don't have a lemon law there. if you do i would go to were ever you got the car and just tell them whats going on and that you want your money back or your taking them to court.
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