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New here, Help with turbo build!

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I just bought an 88 notch mustang.

The car has a 306, blueprinted, balanced, all forged, ARP Rod and Main bolts. MAF conversion, World aluminum heads, ported and polished, titanium valves, 1.7 rr's, custom ported intake, MSD box, 175-200 shot of nitrous. t-5 with billet gears and hardened synchros, aluminum flywheel, 3.73 rear with 31 spline axles. Not sure on the cam i think its a B-cam

I am ditching the nitrous setup for a single turbo kit.

How much boost can this engine handle being forged with ARP bolts?

I am looking at a used kit that has everything including 60# injectors and 60# cal MAF, BOF, Wastegate with springs, intercooler, etc.

Do i need a different fuel pump? How much boost can this thing handle? Do i need good head gaskets and ARP head studs or bolts?

This is a pump gas motor the car was running high 10's on the spray

thanks for all the help guys.
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If I had to guess, since the previous owner was running 10's, the fuel pump's already been upgraded. If it wasn't then yes you'd want a bigger fuel pump to run 60lb injectors and a turbo.

On a stock block (you don't mention Dart or Boss block), no matter what the internals, the weak link is the block itself. Around 450hp is the block's max safe operating range. With your heads and other mods I'd expect to make that at around 8-10psi of turbo boost. Good head gaskets and ARP studs/bolts are never a bad thing, but the whole block will likely let go before they're really a factor.

I don't recommend used turbo kits because it's impossible to tell the condition of some of the components before you install them. You also have to very carefully inspect the headers (assuming they come with the kit) for cracks. If any, consider them useless (if you weld them they'll crack again).
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Type of block is a big factor here. Although since you are all forged internal swith ARP hardware I would say that your tune will determine how well your engine handles boost. A proper tune could get some real good numbers... It's all about the tune!
Like the above people said its all in the tune...but the stock blocks are weak..they can handle it for awhile but they eventually let go..Im just shy of 500 rwhp and torque with a conservaitive tune.. I run 14 psi and a meth injection setup to help out...its like using 116 octane...I daily mine almost everyday too....:bigthumbsup
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do you know the compression? That will be a factor as to how much boost, but you could easily do 8-10 and have a fast, fun car
I'd change the cam as well, the B is not made for any part of that motor, esp boosted, call Comp and get a good modern grind
OP I think the others have spoken and are correct.

Secondly about your heads having titanium valves well I think not.

Thirdly I think enough has been said here.
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