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New here with 1985 Mustang LX

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Hello everyone!

My name is Alex and I am proud to say that after looking at about 20 Fox bodied convertibles, I finally found one! Take it from me, finding an original, non modified 1980's mustang is not easy anymore. My Mustang is 100% bone stock down to the original "Ford Preimum Audio system" tape deck radio. 86,000 original miles. Engine is the 3.8 TBI V6. I wanted a 2.3 or V6 since im mostly looking for fuel economy. I have a few issues that need to be addressed so I am really looking forward to communicating with everyone and learing a lot!

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for the welcome!

Here is a picture of it, I had to let the wife drive it....once!


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Thanks again for the warm welcomes!

cq90stang: My buddy has an 88 just like yours, beautiful car.

The biggest "mod" gone wrong I have come across on these cars is when a teenager has trashed the car but it has a 800 dollar stereo secured to the dash with self-tapping screws and household wire nuts capped with duct tape on the wiring that is still hanging from under the dash. Thats what I found on the cars that were advertised for 1800 to 2500 and were "mint" according to the ad. I got mine from my boss. It was his wifes car and they have owned it since 1987. He knew i was looking and the other day he just said make me an offer. He must like me more than I think!
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