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New interior

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Finally got my interior upholstery redone and the hatch area recoverd..check it out..I still have to paint the speaker grilles and have the door panels redone..let me know what yall think.
I also have to find a new drivers seat belt.


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very nice and clean..good job
i'm also looking into those center guage pods...were'd you get it?
i'm looking around our local dealers guy has one...he's gonna give me a quote on it tomorrow....
that center pod came from ford racing..i bought it from a guy who never installed it in his car, he just let me have it.I know it is in the ford racing catalog for sure though. thanks.
I bet it has that nice new smell all over again huh? Is it vinyl or leather, either way it looks awsome! :worship
that looks awesome..very it!
It is vinyl but not a hard vinyl..I could not afford to get it done in leather...thanks
Gotta love a 'new' Foxbody interior! :eyepoppin

Looks great! :smoke:
Looks good. One question though. Did you change the color or does it just match that poorly? No bashing you at all just wondering.
The picture makes it look different because of the light of the flash. It really matches rather well and I still have some painting to do on the plastic panels. I also have to get my door panels done also. I ordered some from late model restoration but I sent them back because the are real cheap looking so I am just going to take mine to the trim shop and have them re-do them.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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