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New introduction,1969 Mach 1 Mustang

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Looking forward to learning everything I need to know about Mustangs and restomodding. I currently have a 1969 Mach I that I plan on restomodding. 351C Boss motor, needing to be modified. C6 transmission with shift kit. Would like to swap out front suspension for Mustang II suspension. All it takes is time and money, right?
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Welcome to AFM!
Welcome guy good place to come to for help/learning
:wavey Enjoy the site!! :myhappydance: :happydancer:
check out the great classic's forums!! :bigthumbsup​
:waveyWelcome to the site:wavey
Welcome to the party.:bigthumbsup
:wavey Welcome to AFM and the forums :D yep, thats all it takes :shigrin
Can't wait to see the car and welcome aboard!

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