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From time to time, over the years, I've been here searching for the solution to the problem I needed to fix. So that's why I say I'm newish.
My name is Tommy and im in fort worth Texas. I have a convertible 2008 GT in vapor silver, its Stock, staggered wheels 20x10.5 rear 8.5 front.
Any of you convertible guys already know what kind of leaks I've dealt with. I have put all but 16 miles on my stang and she is now over 120k but below 130k. I hope I don't jinx myself by this post. My car has been stolen twice. I recovered it before the law could on the second time.. (Second time that it happened, I learned that the police are not searching for vehicles that are stolen at least not if they don't have full coverage insurance or there's a baby in the backseat when they stole it. The cops literally asked me what LoJack was?)
Anyhow I'm here now for the record.
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