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New kids on the block?

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Now that Carroll Shelby has past :(, does anyone think a new performance mustang partnership will emerge?

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Nope. You mean a name change? It will always be called Shelby. KFC is still KFC right?

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I think he's wondering if there's going to be a new name that partners with Ford. Not sure.. maybe. I think Shelby still sort of lives on but you never know what Ford wants to do.
Well what I'm saying is I don't think Shelby's board or family will sell the name to ford and with out Carroll I see a window of opportunity for many companies. We have seen in the past and present that Roush isn't half the partner that Shelby has Been. Can Roush step up to the plate... Idk but as far as my opinion I really hope to see Shelby mustangs in production for a good while. Especially the way they have been putting out hp and transformed into a vicious track car.

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