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New member 1987 Mustang 5.0

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Hey, new member, from kansas. I have a 87 5.0 hatch LX, bought it for 600 bucks, has 88K miles and two old owners before me. heres a couple pics


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Andy welcome to the site.
:hello: and :welcome , Enjoy the site!! :happydancer:
Be sure to post some pictures into your gallery soon!!
Welcome to the site. Thats a great deal for that car. Your car is one of the faster stock 5.0's. The 87's had Speed Density and therfore made more power stock than the later Mass air cars. They just couldnt be modified with things that changed the airflow too much. Being an LX it was light and Ive seen them run 13's with just increased timing, gears, k & n airfilter, front swaybar and passenger seat removed.
Enjoy your ride. I wish I could find one with that few miles for under $1000 Id buy it for a daily driver in a second.
Some advice:
Change your plugs cap and rotor.
Increase your timing 2-6 degrees.
Make sure your fan clutch is working properly and check your fluids. Then enjoy!
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welcome to the site,enjoy!!!!
Welcome to the forums... I see potential in that car!
Hiya, welcome to the site. Sounds like a good deal.
thanks guys! ya i checked the fluids, all were OK. Ya since i got my grad money im going to put a new air filter in and change plugs/cap/wires/rotor, its a daily driver for now, but if i get something that gets better gas mileage then who knows? maybe ill start doin some pretty extensive mods
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