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To start off with, I am only 16 years old. I'm aware that I am not or anywhere close to being the most knowledgeable person about mustangs but I try my best.
I got my first car at the age of 13 with money I got from landscaping. It was a 1989 LX Fox body 4 banger' in pretty rough shape, big rust hole infront of rear wheel well on both side, over 200,000 miles on the 4 cylinder. Owner before me was a pizza delivery boy, interior was crap, he had a cherry bomb on it, cheap as hell cold air intake slapped on loosely. A MESS at best. Anyways, I picked that up for about $500. right before I turned 16 I sold it for about $1300. I had dropped in a 5,0, taillights, exhaust, rear end, 5-speed, GT wheels and a GT spoiler from a 1992 Mustang GT a guy down the road was parting out. Painted it red. Perfect father-son project car.

A few day's after pocketing $1300 from my first car that I unfortunately only got to drive in my backyard (lol), I looked for my new REAL first car, one that I could do mostly by myself, and drive when I got my license. My dad's friend, who owned a local auto body shop, had been trying to get rid of a 1994 Mustang GT that had gotten into a front end collision back in may of 2007. Previous owner kept the car in pretty good shape until a pickup trucks hitch broke on the highway, letting the car it was towing into the poor mustang. The guy had fixed all the damage, minus the bad fuel pump and all of the interior parts that had "gone missing" during the 5 years of sitting. They old owner couldn't afford to pay the bill so halfway through fixing it up he stopped. I picked it up for $1500.

That brings us to now, a couple months later. I have painted the interior to my desire, shampooed the near perfect seat, picked up some pillar covers (was missing all 4 exterior pillar covers), replaced the fuel pump and fuel shut off switch, and replaced the dead battery.

It needs ALOT more though.
-Wheels and tires (I have 1 bent rim, 2 flat tires, and the rims are ugly anyways)
-new set of springs (front passenger side is literally broken)
-new passenger side mirror +460 speaker
-new headlights
-new headlight harnesses (owner of the shop had to cut the harness off to take off the bumper)
-new taillights
-side skirts
-fix short or grounding problem in starter
-little odds and ends in interior + headliner

Just a FYI because I get this alot: I am not spoiled, I pay for all of my electronics/car parts/ anything but food and a roof over my head myself.

My parents do however have there own mustangs that they drive year round.
My mom has a 2005 Mustang V6 Convertible Fire Red
My dad has a 2007 Mustang GT Coupe Windveil Blue

They buy parts for there cars every now and then and have me put them on, I don't mind though, in return I get to learn more and drive them alot now that I have my permit.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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