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New Member - 94SVT Sun City AZ Find

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Hello all. About 2 months ago I got a 1994 SVT Cobra. 59k original miles. MINT condition.
I was a service manager for a full auto repair shop for 6 years before I started my own business last year and I made a deal with one of my favorite customers that when he can no longer drive the cobra I would buy it from him. (He’s 82). Well about 3 months ago he called me saying he could no longer push down the clutch. It’s too heavy and that he’s ready to sell it.

Back in 2020 he came into our shop and spent over 11k in restoring and renewing the car (both mechanically and interior/exterior. I am talking intake manifold, coolant pipes and hoses, compressor kit, radiator, coil overs, ball joints, tires, carpeting,etc) and this vehicle has been garage kept and driven 3500 miles in the last 18 years.. I knew I could not even come close to affording this vehicle.

HOWEVER, when I told him thank you but I don’t think I can afford the car you probably want to sell it to someone else he said “no I only want the mustang to go to you and I’m not asking much” He said “$7500 and it’s yours”. I felt like I was robbing him and and I told him I’ll give him 8k even and I still felt like Irobbing him and felt terrible for it, but he insisted and shook my hand right then and there and I bought it two weeks later.

So here I am with a new, beautiful, show ready weekend car and I have a lot of plans with this thing in the next 6 months to a year! Looking to talk with everyone and bounce off some ideas on the best way to do a lot of projects I have planned!

Thanks everyone!
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Congratulations! Very nice looking!
Welcome to the forum.
You have the last of the small block Mustangs.
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Congratulations. Super nice car. If you keep in touch with the old friend offer to take him to coffee and donuts. It was a wonderful gesture on his part knowing he was selling it to someone with a deep appreciation.
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Very nice, welcome to the site!
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