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My name is Jeff I own and operate Pine Point Lodge a fishing resort on a island in northern MN, so a need for a mustang was not practical because Itravel 5 months over ice with a suburban, snowmobiles, etc.
But yesterday I got the bug and purchased a 2000 roush stage 2.The last mustang I owned was a 1970 fastback,whitch I regret selling in the 80's to get into bussiness for myself. The car really impressed me with the handling and fuel milage since I had to travel 1000 miles to pick it up. I did get a chance to wind it up in a rural controled area yesterday only to find out it stalls out at aprox 123 mph. Is this something programed into the computer or do I have issues? Any info would be greatly appreciated like hp,common problems, and positives.

Thanks, Jeff

Welcome to AFM! First... be careful at those speeds on the roads... now that you've joined we don't wanna hear about you wrapping that new toy around a phone pole or into a lake! There is a governor built in and that can easily be removed with a tuner. Browse around our 4.6 sections and you'll learn about all the fun things you can do mod-wise. Enjoy the site and holler if you need anything!
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