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New member from Sweden

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I have been restoring my Mach1 69 for allmost 5 years and its soon ready.
Its wery hard to get parts for the car. Its painted in candy apple red, and
its a 4speed toploader transmission,428 ramair sold in Omaha 1968 sept.
The car was exported to Sweden 1973.

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Welcome to the site! It sounds like a great car-you should find a lot of help/ideas/congrats here. Can you post pics?

Thanks I have put a fiew pic. in the gallery

Welcome to AFM and nice looking Mach.
Great looking Mach. A car like that should get respect anywhere, but especially in Europe where I imagine Machs of that era are even more rare.
Hi thanks for looking at the pictures. Are your cars in the gallery?

Niiiice ride! Car looks awesome! I have no pics. but hope to soon. Must be great to have such a one of a kind car in your area. I bet you get a lot of looks!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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