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New member from Texas,2009 Mustang V6

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Hi, im new to the site and would like to introduce myself.

My names Brian and i own a black 2009 v6 manual transmission.

all stock my best track time is 15.13 at either 93 or 98... cant remember cause the time slip got trashed.

anyways i love drag racing and im hoping to get good v6 build information and a few reputable shop names so i can build a quick v6.

when im done im hoping to be in the 12's.

about 3 years from now :laugh:
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Welcome... Spend some time in our 2005+ V6 Tech section and they'll help you achieve your goal.
:wavey Enjoy the site :happydancer:​
Thanks for cruising into the site.
Hiya, welcome to the site.
:wavey welcome to the forums. see in in the 05+V6tech forum
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