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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. We purchased a 77 Mustang 2 coupe from my brother in law about 3 years ago.He bought it for his son, until his kid decided he did not want to be seen in a primer color Ford Mustang 2.

It has pretty much been parked in my back yard since then, with an occasional engine start here and there.

More has been done to this forgotten unwanted poor car in the last month than the 3 yeras we have had it.

The tires were either replaced or repaired, It has a new battery, horn, all new lights (most were blown),new washer and blades and a very good scrub .

I pulled the wheels off and found debris and webs in the drum and brake mechanisms.The master cylinder leaks some as well. A brake job and then some,is in the picture next no doubt, but I willeave that one for the pros to handle.

The car has to be reved up when started and I have to "flutter the pedal for 4-5 minutes before the engine runs without stalling out.I pulled one spark plug and it was reasonably clean, but I intend to replace them.The car has a V-6.Could the problem be in the carb?

I plan on restoring this car.It has been fun so far!:bouncer
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sounds like a choke problem.

also check for vacuum leaks if the car has been sitting a long time.
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