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Hi All,

I have been a member and posting for a few days but thought I would drop by and introduce myself.

I have a 1968 Mustang Coupe that I purchased in Montana just after graduating from high school in 1988. I did some quick and nasty body work (hard to afford new panels at 18) and replaced the original 289 with a balanced/blueprinted 302. Added some headers and a custom (read that as "self made") dual exhaust and a .411 9 in. POSI I lucked into. I would never say the car was "fast" since it topped out about 110 mph (just not enough RPM with stock rods to push that .411), but it was "quick".

I moved to Texas in 1991 and could not afford to bring the Mustang with me. It sat in my parents yard until August 2008 when I finally could afford to bring it to Texas.

I am now starting the long journey of doing all the work I could not afford when I was 18. I plan on doing as close to a ground up resto/mod as I can.

If you want to follow my progress I have created a MySpace page for my car. The URL is below.

From what I have seen this is a great site and I look forward to learning and helping for a long time to come.
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