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Hi, I'm Frank. Though I just bought my 2001 Mustang and it has been a few years since I have driven one, this is my 6th Mustang. I have owned a 67 coupe, a 69 coupe, two 69 sportsroof and a 70 sportsroof (fastback).
I just bought my '01 5 speed 3.8 V6 because I fell in love with it after driving it. It has the Magnafow exhaust, cold air intake, it has been lowered and wears P245/45ZR17 Continental GT Extreme tires with additional suspension mods. The Mach460 sound system makes it as nice inside as outside. Unfortunately, I joined because it started giving me problems October 4. Hopefully I can find solutions here! Maybe, since my 70 was a 70 302 with a pair of 69 351W open chamber 4 barrel heads, I might have an answer or two for other members as well. I think I fell in love with my 01 Mustang because it reminded me of the 70 fastback. That car would run a 14 second 1/4 mile, not bad for 1980! The '01 handles WAY better, though!
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Welcome to AFM. Sounds like a great mustang.
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