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Nice to meet you all, Im Jason. I turned 19 in May and go to college in the field of aviation.

My first car ever is a 1999 ford mustang V6. She is black on black. Black paint job with black rims and smoked out headlights.

I bought her on July 1st, after promising my sister who has been hearing me talk about buying a car for the past 4 months that i will not have a july metropass, but instead a car!

The car costed me $1100, originally posted at $1600. The seller was a guy in his mid 20s who wanted to upgrade and the trade went smoothly.

Work done so far:
Break pads and rotors all around...$700 done by mechanic
Coolant flush...$40
Oil Change...$40
Oil Filter Change...$15

Etest was a breeze, safety needed breaks and thats it

The bad:

Really the only bad things about this car are exterior, and they are minor

- The right rear fender has a nasty rust spot, which was spray painted black by the previous owner. It is basicly a bite mark out of the car that is about 8 inches long and 3 inches wide.
- The front left bumbper is slightly damaged right underneath the left headlight.
- The left muffler is sagging down about 2 inches compared to the right one, and sometimes scrapes the ground when i drive down a steep curb
- One of the two blue LED lights that shine over the rear license plate is burnt out

Work to be done in the near future:
Change spark plugs
Change air filter

Work to be done, the sooner the better:
Cold air intake
Body work

Im looking forward to being part of this awesome forum and hope to gain as much knowledge about my pony as possible.

If you took the time to read this, thank you!

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Welcome to the forums Jason! Congratulations on your first car, sounds like you got a pretty good deal.
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