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Hi My name is Jonathan and I have recently bought a 2001 automatic v6 mustang, I have already performed maintenance on the vehicle but would like to improve the performance on it significantly. I am not sure where to start so if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Progress will not be immediate because I need to be responsible with money but I will save up and get whatever quality performance parts if it is worth the upgrade. There are 135000 miles on the car so I may be interested in a motor swap if anyone has good information on the subject.
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What type of motor swap are you talking about? 3.8-3.8 or 3.8-4.6 or 3.8 to an oldschool 5.0? 135000 miles are actually not a lot and you should not have any issues on the car. My 3.8 has 187000 miles right now on it and all ive had to do is normal maintenance as well as some gaskets, but while i did gaskets i did timing chain, tensioner, cam, springs, pushrods and rocker arms. That was all a "just cause it was apart" thing. The only way to "significantly" improve the performance on the 3.8 is to supercharge it. My cam and windstar swap did not bump it up that much, although a guy who did similar things as i did produced 238rwhp and like 248rwtq. Another guy who did similar things as i did produced like 400rwhp and 438rwtq but he dropped a supercharger into it and changed the crank to make it a 4.3L instead.
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