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new member looking for advice

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Hi My name is Jonathan and I have recently bought a 2001 automatic v6 mustang, I have already performed maintenance on the vehicle but would like to improve the performance on it significantly. I am not sure where to start so if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Progress will not be immediate because I need to be responsible with money but I will save up and get whatever quality performance parts if it is worth the upgrade. There are 135000 miles on the car so I may be interested in a motor swap if anyone has good information on the subject.
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Thanks for the welcome guys

I appreciate the replies. As far as a swap goes what information do you have on the old school 5.0, I was looking into getting a stroker kit and turning it into a 4.3l and if i can get a good deal on a supercharger i would love to drop one in. I already have a bbk cai installed and am currently looking for an sct tuner if anyone can direct me in the right direction on that. If i could find one used that would be excellent, Any suggestions?
underdrive pulley

I have also heard that i can get an upgraded underdrive pullley kit that would help with improved acceleration.anyone have experience with this mod?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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