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Hello guys/girls of AFM

Im very happy to be part of this awesome site with very nice and helpfull people that share the same passion/enthusiasm as i do for Mustangs.. Two years ago i bought my first stang (2001 silver stock GT, manual tranny). car had many issues but didn't care, was love at first site. odie.gif. Now she's slightly better and driveable with a few changes i recently made. Still working hard to make a fully restoration and future mods.

Thanks AFM for let me be part of this.
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Welcome to the site!!
Welcome from the Chicago southland
Hello Steve, I am also a huge Mustang fan so I also decided to join this forum
Welcome Steve! I have had a couple 2 Valves in the past, so if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM. Also this forum gets a discount code, so don't be afraid to ask for that either!
Howdy Y'all, FNG here. Gotta 97 GT with 147K miles showing before odo and trip quit. Have it about 3 months now. Looking to participate as much as I can.
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