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Hi I am new here,

Just picked up a 1998 GT Auto. Black with Black leather interior.
She's got a few miles 130,000 but its 1 owner and I was happy with the price. Seems to run well, everything works and it looks and sounds great!
Appears to be completely stock including the original Radio/Tape/CD combo.

Figured I would sign up and learn some more about my new car :)


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Welcome to the site. Is your car leaking anything or poofing smoke out the back? Thats cool 98s are nice looking especially with some outside mods.

Get some flowmasters with a offroad xpipe on it ASAP (at least the flowmaster catback)


have fun with your new car

welcome to the site....blk on blk is real nice(its what i got)........maybe u want to consider getting the J-Mod or a shift kit to crispen up the shifts of your auto tranny.....either way, enjoy your stang and post some pics if u can
hi personaly i like the classic mustang :laughlitt lol ps have fun with your new car.
Again welcome; lots of info here and the other Mustang Forums
Learn to use the Search function; makes your research easier.
Enjoy the car.
Welcome to AFM. I personally like the 98s autos myself:)
Thanks for the welcome,

No leaks or smoke that I've seen yet :)

I'll be needing to replace the tires within a couple of months and probably get some tint put on.

After coming from a 4cyl 5 speed pickup for the last 6 years I feel like I am in a rocket

Anything in particular that I need to watch for with this car? I looked at the serpentine belt probably wouldnt hurt to change it out. Other than that she looks straight! Havent got any photos yet but I'll try to get a few over the weekend.

Regards :)

ps What mileage is considered high on these mustangs? Will I see 200,000 in the car? Just wondering 137,000 seems like alot to me but its just under 20,000 a year not to bad?
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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