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Just bought a 1995 GT convertible.
This is my second.
The first was a 1965 with a 260 V8.
I can't open the glove compartment.
Got the key and it turns but it won't open.
Also where the heck is the switch for the top?
Seems like a small problem gut I'm hoping the owners manual is in there.
Great car and runs great also.
I am giving my Camaro to my Son.
He has wanted it for 16 years.
Anyway please let me know how to open the glove compartment without trashing the Dash.
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Welcome to AFM, Adam. You might try posting your query in the SN95 room, here. I've never owned anything that new...
To be honest with you I didn't even know our glove compartments locked, so sorry I can't help there. But, the switch for the top should be on the center console right next to the foglight switch.

Thanks alot for the reply.
Got the glove box open.
Still can't find the switch for the top.
Let it down by hand.
Right behind the handbrake there should be two black rocker switches. One for the convertible top and one for your foglights.

Thanks but the switch says parking brake adjust.
Also when I try that switch nothing happens with the top.
On the dash there is a rear window defoger switch but I don't think the window has a defoger
I really don't know what to tell you. I know that spot is supposed to be for the convertible top because I used the harness for it to re-wire my foglights. Did you ever find the manual?

Your right!
Have to pull back on the parking brake then the swith that says set park brake will activate the top.
Found the owners glove box book at the Ford Motor co. Web site.
Its a pdf file.
Only problem is I had to use the1996 book. It was the earliest year but pretty much the same except the motor size. I have a 1995 GT 5.0
Glad you got that worked out. You had me really confused for a while because our parking brakes are self adjusting.
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