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Just a quick intro.

Working on fixing up a 93 LX ragtop [ literal rag : ( ]. Silver with Blue interior and top.

2.3L auto. Wanted a 4 banger for economy, I will be driving it. My motorhead days are somewhat in the past.

Body is in good shape.
Around 60,000 miles.

Will be replacing the top soon.

In process of removing the carpeting to replace. Would get wet, but caught early so floor pans are good.

Rack and pinion in the mail but just realized it is the rag joint. Will replace anyway as new is BBB quick ratio.

Got work to do on rear windows, don’t work. Pulled motors out but seem to turn fine under power disconnected. Will check internal gear anyway to make sure they are not the problem.

Will be replacing all seat covers in time.

Exhaust manifold appears to have a crack, sounds ratty. Will get heat shield off and use extreme temp epoxy till replaced.

Mustangs owned in the past:
First car at 16 – 1966 Mustang notchback.
5 - 65 and 66 fastbacks and notchbacks.
69 fastback.
74 mustang II.
93 LX vert – current.
(Many years ago was considering a rough shape 69 Boss 429 for cheap, passed on it. Please kick me in the a**)

But probably my favorite car was my 70 Torino Cobra. 429, Hurst 4 speed. She would move.
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If you ever need anything, such as the forum discount code, feel free to shoot me a PM!

In the mean time you are more than welcome to browse our site for all your mustang parts needs. 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Parts, 5.0 Mustang Parts
Welcome to the site!
Welcome to the site!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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