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Ok. Currently my car is down for a busted oil pump shaft. Both pieces fell to the oilpan as we tried to retrieve them out. Motor has to pretty much be on the way out to drop the oilpan.

As I have talked to several people they inform me that my 218,606 mile motor might as well be replaced.

No sense in doing alot of the work to almost remove it just to drop it back in.

I have 2 motor options right now.

1. 351. Freshly gone through. Higher compression pistons, new heads, upper/lower intake and the laughing gas etc and installed for a real good price.

2. My shortblock gone 100% through and stroked to 306 with the gas on it as well. Same setup I am looking at has gone 7.20 in a full street trimmed, spare tire, nitrous, and rollcage LTD!.

I was wondering what would be the best route now.

I have a 5 spd car. SHould I put AOD in it as well? Or can I use my 5spd. New clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel etc would be installed as well.

If I did 351 would my A9L computer be fine until I get to a "tuner" of sorts?

Thank you for your help.

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Just put a two by four inbetween the oil pan and a jack to raise the motor after unbolting the motor mounts. Raise the motor enough to stick one two by four per side inbetween the K member and the motor mount. This will allow enough room to remove the oil pan (with some persuation).

Keep an eye out for parts hitting or beign pulled like coolant hoses or electrical lines.

It may be in your best interest to pop a new 302 into that mustang though.

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A 351 will cost you some to make it ready to go into a Stang
if it isn't already setup with the right oil pan, etc. Headers
are one thing. And with iron heads, they are heavier.
With alum heads, it gets pretty close to an iron head 302.
They're also taller which can cause hood clearance issues.

Main reason I went 351 instead of stroking my 302
was I want to eventually make it a 393.

If you're going to redo your motor, you might want to
consider a 331 instead of a 306, if budget allows.
Loads more torque and a bunch more power.

just FYI, most people agree that a 347 makes more
power than a 351 & revs quicker, somewhat due to a
lighter rotating assembly.

But some people have oil usage problems because
in most kits the pin sits behind the oil rings. Other
kits with shorter rods get away from this, and then
have the pin offset a little to get away from the
extreme side angle loading on the piston skirts.

A 331 won't have either problem and maybe be
a little longer lived.

I've been working away from home and haven't
had a chance for a dyno tune yet, but it seems to
run pretty decent. I'm using 91 just to try to avoid
any detonation damage. There's several things
in the 302 computer that needs to be reset to
run properly on a 351, spark advance/load tables
being one of the main ones.

An AOD robs quite a bit more power than a stick.
And they need fairly major work to hold up.
Here's some info on beefing an AOD

There's a better alternative than an AOD

I'm doing my 4R swap complete with perf converter,
stand alone Baumann shift control, etc, for about the
same price as building a good solid AOD. And that
includes buying the trans and overhauling it.

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I understand about what ectra items are needed for the 351 swap.
The 306 I have seen it in action. Already assembled and put together. Just waiting to be put in a car. Was in a LTD for 4 race seasons and was pulled out and gone through again. NO DAMAGE DONE to it. Even with 300 shot. Except head gasket went. That is why motor was pulled and back at machine shop.

Right now. I want to try to get mine fixed. No luck yet. But than get time setup with the installer to actually do the swap etc.

I was thinking a 351-408 would be nice. But DRIVEABLITLY might be an issue.

That is my wifes concern. Driveablity. It is my daily driver. And she doesnt want me to put in something nice and healthy and pretty stout and get 6 mpg.

I guess. I will do alot more searching and stick to a 302 base motor. Maybe 306 or 331
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