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New Mustang Buyer, looking for helpful advice

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Hey everyone, I'm new to the site and would like to say whats up.

Long story short I used to ride a red/black 06 GSXR 600 until it got stolen.. made me pretty sad but i gotta move on.. now i'm thinkin about getting a MUSTANG!

Specifically i'm looking at a 2000 5-speed manual convertible mustang.

I've been doing some research online but couldn't exactly find the answer, so i came here hoping you guys could help.

What is the average cost for maintaining a mustang around 80k-100k miles?

How is the performance of a 2000 mustang?

I know MPG highway is around 26miles, so thats decent.

What should i be most careful about? Clutch, transmission, brakes, tires, what else?

How many miles does the mustang usual last for? Is it around 200K?

Is there any advice you guys can give me when looking at the used mustangs?


Hopefully i'll be a mustang driver soon :bigthumbsup
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welcome to the site,enjoy!!!! i have a 02 Gt,120k miles,so far nothing major has gone wrong,great car!
well 26 mpg ur never gonna see that lol always gonna wanna hit that gas pedal lol my friend had a 2001 GT over 100000 miles no problems she just rebuilt it to make it faster lol
Oops i just realized this was in the v6 section my bad. I have a 2001 mustang v6 auto and its decent. The auto really sucks in a race. A v6 5-speed can be pretty quick and they are fun to drive around.
My 1995 mustang cobra has 188K and its still runnin just fine. I will be getting a rebuild soon though. The 2000 mustang gt's are pretty quick. They can hold their own against a lot on the streets. 26 mpg is hopeful thinking it will probably be around 20-22. With a lot of miles you will probably need to replace the clutch, especially if you wanna have some fun in it :bigthumbsup Something you should probably be careful of is buying a mustang with a lot of mods. It has probably been driven pretty hard.
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Wow somehow those posts got switched around :confused: oh well hope that helps.
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