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Well, first of hello! I hope I am welcomed here and seek all the help I can get because you guys are getting a previous import guy here. So please be patient. Anyways, my lease was done in May..So that puppy went back. I was going to pick up probably another lease, which I hate cause it's like a girl with a chastity belt. When to my right, I looked over and saw this older car among all these newer ones in the used car lot.

It was the GT that I now have...Had to..Always wanted a Mustang GT and I finally got it. I do know or so I've been told and read. That the "Mazda RX-8 Blue" color that the car is, was at the time only made from factory for the V6's..So, I do not know what's going on with that but I don't mind it one bit. I preferred a black one but this thing was sitting in that lot and it felt like a scene from the movie "Transformers" when and how I got it.

It had several things that IMO had/have to go! 1, the rims....they look like they belong on a Scion TC not a Mustang. 2, the alteeza lights..I already got rid of these abominations.

Just looking for some guidance and what not. I want to change the hood, rims, brake rotors, get it a real intake. It needs a proper lowering kit...With new shocks and springs...this person before me...

Melted...the springs..........melted the....springs... -___- all shocks are blown and the car rides like sin.

Also! Need to fix the CEL that just came on. It has a bassani x-pipe and had the 2 cats up front still on, so I got those removed. No CEL for a while until...a day ago (one week later)

So any help is greatly appreciated! :) here are some pics I just took before work.

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