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New Mustang owner and new member!

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Hey everyone! Been following the forum for awhile now. I've been helping a friend work on, and modify his 2012 GT for the better part of a year now. Can't think of how many times it saved us a lot of anger and frustration. Just bought a kona blue 2011 mustang gt last week because I loved my buddy's car that much!

So now that I own one, I can at least join and not feel like that much of a squirrel.

Thanks again and I look forward to helping out any way I can.
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Welcome to the site!!
Hey everybody. I just recently found and bought my dream car. I've wanted a Mustang since I was 14; now 32. I found a 2002 GT convertible with 58,000 miles 1 owner. He was prob 60-65 years old. You know; one of those dream situations. It's beatiful and I'm in love with her for sure. Her name is MustangMolly. In honor of my girlfriends sweet dog Molly we had to put down a year ago.
Welcome to the site and congratulations on your new ride!
Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it and find all the help you need also Friends ;)
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