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New Mustang owner here!!

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Hey guys, my name is Chris. I just acquired my FIRST mustang last yesterday. It is a '97 GT 5 speed, has a cold air intake, 3" catless true duals, 17"/18" chrome Mach 1 replica rims, and has been lowered. It is black and is overall is good shape. I am very happy with it so far, and i am surprised with how good it pulls. The last couple cars i have had were a bolt on ls1 and then a semi-fully built lt1, so this car delivers a lot more than i expected. Are there any good or bad things to know about these cars?? I'm really new to mustangs, so i'm open to any input. I am also wanting suggestions for next mods, i'm thinking short throw and throttle body? Thanks in advance guys!!
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Everybody is going to tell you to do a "PI head/Cam/Intake swap" It is swapping in the top end from a 99-04 GT that basically gives us nPI owners a good 45hp. And since you can pick these parts up from a car yard, or auto salvage parts dealer, it can be pretty affordable considering the HP gains. I am planning on doing it myself.

If youre not looking to go that major of a route. Go with a Steeda Tri-Ax. I love mine. It is ridiculously precise.

I would also get 4.10 gears. I have 3.73's and they don't pull hard enough for my tastes. I am hoping that will change with my PI swap. I have full bolt ons by the way, so it isn't a dog by any means. But just quick, not FAST.
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