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New Mustang owner here!!

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Hey guys, my name is Chris. I just acquired my FIRST mustang last yesterday. It is a '97 GT 5 speed, has a cold air intake, 3" catless true duals, 17"/18" chrome Mach 1 replica rims, and has been lowered. It is black and is overall is good shape. I am very happy with it so far, and i am surprised with how good it pulls. The last couple cars i have had were a bolt on ls1 and then a semi-fully built lt1, so this car delivers a lot more than i expected. Are there any good or bad things to know about these cars?? I'm really new to mustangs, so i'm open to any input. I am also wanting suggestions for next mods, i'm thinking short throw and throttle body? Thanks in advance guys!!
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Get on the best prices and service you will find when searching for mustang parts i like there 6% military discount also.

Are you staying NA???? If so get a set of PI (Performance Imporvment) heads for it and some cams......96-98 NPI, 99-04 PI

There is a sticky at the top of either the talk or tech can't remember off top of my head but read up on it the heads, intake, and cams will get you some really good power....also the reason i asked if you was staying NA is cause the PI heads up your c.r.

Also underdrive pulleys.....there is so many threads where new people come in and ask what parts are good well it all depends lol also i recommend gears to!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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