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New Mustang owner

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Hi all,

I recently bought my first Mustang after wanting one for about 8 years. It has only 193,000+ miles on it... so hopefully people here can help me keep the 'ol thing running.

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Welcome to AFM. Glad to hear you finally got your Mustang. Be sure to post some pictures :yup:
Welcome to AFM and congrats on your new pony. What year is your Stang?
Welcome to the site.
Thanks everyone for the kind welcome.

TorchRedGT02 said:
What year is your Stang?
It's a '95, white with red interior, with a *gasp* V6 and 5 speed, and some [sarcasm]wonderful[/sarcasm] 2.73 gears. It's ok for my first though. I have a 5.0 HO engine from a '92 T-bird, that's complete and still running, that I want to swap in, but from what I've read it really isn't worth it.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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